School Program

“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.”
– Blaise Pascal

Our school programs are designed in a flexible manner in order to cater to the preferences and timetables of individual schools.

Usually classes take place either at lunch or after school times. Usually programs run each week during the school term.

Classes are divided into relevant experience levels in order to best match players and appropriately tailor lessons. A wide variety of teaching methods are employed according to which best engage each group’s interests and goals. Ranging from basic strategy, analysis of grand master games, chess history and psychology related stories to simuls and other creative tournaments. Typically half of each class is dedicated to theory and analysis and half to tournament games. Results are recorded and imputed into tournament software in order to record individual’s progress and calculate their best suited opponent for next class. Finalizing each school term trophies are awarded to recognize achievements and improvements of individual players.

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