Mindful Chess is a school that looks to equip players with both greater chess skills and concentration techniques to aid all areas of learning and development.

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We have a select small number of dedicated and passionate coaches which have experience working in schools throughout Melbourne.

We train students ranging from those that have never played before, to players furthering their games and those looking to compete at competition level. We believe it is fundamental for the learning process to be exciting, stimulating and as much as possible, tailored to each students individual way of learning.

We provide a series of brief concentration exercises that intend to help students focus. Although these exercises are done to bring greater focus to their chess, we have discovered students to find them beneficial across their studies.

We consider making the learning experience a fun enjoyable one to be fundamental to a student’s progress. As ones passion grows so does the speed at which they retain knowledge and improve.

Events and Classes

We provide a variety of exciting learning opportunities to cater for various student preferences and availability. Ranging from beginner classes to advanced personal training.
Classes are available both on campus and at home. Our holiday program provides all day training and activities for the social player while our tournaments provide an intense challenging experience for the serious competitive player.
On Campus

We offer classes to schools and education institutions which take place during lunch breaks or at the end of the day. Sessions are normally one hour and run on a weekly basis. We believe it is important to provide students with sufficient input from our teachers and therefore keep classes small. For classes that we feel would benefit from further teacher input the sessions will be run by two teachers.

Holiday Program

Each school holiday period students are invited to participate in our holiday program. This
opportunity includes full days of a wide variety of games, puzzles, competitions, stories,
trophy awards and much more. It is a great way to make new friends and share the passion
for chess!


As the culmination of our club’s training, students from each school are invited to come together each term and test their skills with participants from over 22 other schools. Those who qualify will then be invited to compete at the Chess Victoria Semi-finals.

Private Lessons

We offer private sessions teaching on a one to one or one to two student basis. Depending on location we can provide sessions at students home’s.